The Cabin under the Oak

It is a family holiday destination from a fairy-tale bd stay in a genuine village for a couple of days. Clean air, tranquillity, the whisper of the forest, and the sounds of nature will be at your private disposal! You will live here as if in the old times, only that daily living routines will be subtly intertwined with the amenities of the modern day. Aren't you missing the village as such? Cabin Rental Rates from 120 EUR - 150EUR

Šeimos atostogų vieta iš pasakų knygų, kur galėsite susikurti savo vakaro istoriją.
Atvykite ir keletą dienų pagyvenkite tikrame kaime. Švarus oras, ramybė, miško šnabždesys ir gamtos garsai bus tik Jūsų vienų! Gyvensite lyg senovėje, tik būtinoji buitis bus subtiliai susiliejusi su dabarties patogumais.
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  • Adults: 5
  • Amenities: Coffee and Tea, Dining Table, Electric Cooker, Free wi-fi, Hair Dryer, Hot Water, Kettle, Kitchen, Library, Microwave Oven, Refrigerator, Roofed Terrace, Shower, Shower Gel, Towels, WC, White Bedlinen
  • View: Flying Cranes, Rabbits, Pond, Apple Trees, Forest, Rivulet, Hedgehogs, Meadows.
  • Size: 60m²
  • Bed Type: 2 double beds and 1 single bed