Homestead service prices

Price per night*

5 places Klėtis under the oak (daily price):

  • For family (weekdays) – 200EUR
  • For family (weekends) – 250EUR

8 places Stuba  (daily price):

  • For family (weekdays) – 300EUR
  • For family (weekends) – 400EUR

* minimum stay – 2 days. The price includes one free education per day of stay.

Day trip in the homestead (for students)

  • Hike to the bunker of the head of Tauras district Alexander Grybin-Faust (2 hours)
  • One old crafts educational program was chosen (2 hours)
  • Fun on the playground, antique games (2 hours)
  • Photo session with antique coverings (1 hour)
  • Price 15EUR/Person

Bachelorette Party, as per Archaic Traditions

  • Antique coverings and photo session (1 hour)
  • One old crafts educational program of your choice (2 hours)
  • Baltic sauna ritual (3 hours)
  • Evening by the campfire
  • Price 550EUR (without accommodation)


Night in native Lithuanian Jauja

  • Evening by the campfire with Singing Nepalese bowls, incense, songs and spells.
  • Price – 150 EUR 2 hours.
  • Price per night: 20 EUR per person

Baltiška sauna ritual

  • Price of the sauna ritual: 250EUR. Duration: 3-4 hours. (up to 4 people)
  • Additional person 50EUR

Hot tub (ofuro)

  • Rental price: 130EUR – 3 hours. (up to 8 people)

Service prices apply only to guests staying in the homestead.