Hot Tub

A tub is meant not only for keeping wine or for fermenting cabbage. We offer you a mode of recreation that is gaining increasing popularity in Lithuania and Northern Europe – a hot tub, otherwise called a Japanese bath (Ofuro). This procedure, which dates back more than one century and has deep traditions, is meant not only for body cleansing, but also for having a good time with close friends.
A hot tub perfectly soothes people weary of worries, stress, and rapid pace of life. Hot-tub procedures are said to have a prophylactic effect against runny nose and influenza, and are also said to help when suffering from rheumatism, neurological and cardiovascular diseases as well as metabolic disorders.
Hot-tub procedures can be enjoyed all year round. In summer, late in the evening, after a dip in the cold waters of the homestead pond, it’s a great joy to watch the stars while indulging in a hot-tub bath. Whereas in the cold season, it turns into a most exotic diversion: steamy tub water, cold winter weather, and tree branches adorned with snow – what could be better?

Number of participants: up to 8
Price Rate: 3 hours 50 EUR