Cheese Smoking

Every Lithuanian ought to know that what they are eating is not just a mere curd cheese. A couple of years ago, the European Commission included this cheese into the list of protected products. And what’s interesting is that this curd cheese, which is a regular thing for all of us, has become the third Lithuanian product protected in the European Union.

According to the inventories of the 16th-century manor estates, curd cheese in Lithuania was made already in the Middle Ages. This manual-labour-intensive mode of production – when the cheese mass is stuffed by hand into traditional sparse-woven triangular cheese bags, the wider end of which is tied shut with a knot, thus giving the cheese its specific shape, i.e. a triangular prism with rounded corners, – has been preserved to the present day. It is an inseparable part of the culinary- and national heritage and image of Lithuania.

Our homestead has a smokehouse, where not only cheeses pressed by local farmers are being smoked, but also all the secrets of hot- and cold-smoking get unlocked. During the educational session, you will watch the process of work and will get a chance to taste and buy the cheese.

Price Rate: depends on the number of participants.
Recommended for: adults.