Baltic Bath House

“It’s better to try it once than to hear about it a hundred times”! – is the most appropriate saying for this diversion. We invite you to spend an evening in the Lithuanian sauna, otherwise also called the Baltic steam sauna.  Professional bathhouse attendants Aušra and Edvinas – from “Pirties ratas” – will shatter all … Continue reading “Baltic Bath House”

Hot Tub

A tub is meant not only for keeping wine or for fermenting cabbage. We offer you a mode of recreation that is gaining increasing popularity in Lithuania and Northern Europe – a hot tub, otherwise called a Japanese bath (Ofuro). This procedure, which dates back more than one century and has deep traditions, is meant … Continue reading “Hot Tub”

Rustic Terrace

Bored of synthetic luxury and cheap, mass-produced decorations? Please be invited to choose our Rustic Terrace for your feast! It is an ideal place for warm and cosy feasts such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, christening parties, and jubilees. Sturdy wooden tables will conveniently accommodate 50 guests. You will surely find plenty of space for dancing or … Continue reading “Rustic Terrace”

Bachelorette Party, as per Archaic Traditions

A bachelorette party is one of the most important events in a woman’s life, the last evening of a bride’s self-determination. In the old times, it was a gathering of women closest to the bride: sisters, female friends, mothers, aunts, – this is how the denotation mergvakaris (girls’ party) originated. This gathering was also referred … Continue reading “Bachelorette Party, as per Archaic Traditions”